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Engel freezer - Allseasons Campervans

ENGEL Built-In Fridge/Freezers

Frame type door with replaceable door panel. Interchangeable left/right opening.
12v to 240v conversion automatically selects mains power when connected.

Overall: 552mm(h) 508mm(w) 547mm(d)
Cut Out: 517mm(h) 467mm(w) 547mm(d)
Capacity: 57 litres

AU$879.00 + postage

engel freezer - Allseasons Campervans

ENGEL Built-In Fridge/Freezers

Frame type door with replaceable door panel. Interchangeable left/right opening.
12v to 240v conversion automatically selects mains power when connected.

Overall: 770mm(h) 560mm(w) 548mm(d)
Cut Out: 747mm(h) 527mm(w) 491mm(d)
Capacity: 80 litres

AU$1,299.00 + postage

smev drop in stove - Allseasons Campervans

SMEV Drop In Stove

304 grade stainless steel drop in stove with glass lid.

2 Burner
480mm(w) 370mm(d) 90mm(h)

AU$632.00 + postage

smev 3 burner stove and sink - Allseasons Campervans

SMEV 3 Burner Stove and Sink Combo

304 grade stainless steel. Space saving with glass lid and flame failure safety device. Tap not included.

150mm(h) 970mm(w) 430mm(d)

AU$809.00 + postage

smev sink - Allseasons Campervans

SMEV Drop In Bowl

Stainless steel bowl, glass lid, hot & cold tap.

420mm(l) 440mm(d) 145mm(h)

AU$411.60 + postage

smev sink - Allseasons Campervans

Stainless Steel Single Bowls

Plug and waste not included.

355mm(l) 255mm(w) 125mm(d)

AU$169.05 + postage

porta potti - Allseasons Campervans

Porta Potti C-200 Cassette Toilet

Toilet bowl can be swivelled 180 degrees to provide extra space. Can be fully self contained or connected into the water supply.

White. 17 litre holding tank.

Height when closed: 470mm
Height when open: 822mm
Length (back of unit to front): 500mm
Width: 352mm

AU$796.00 + postage

porta potti c400 - Allseasons Campervans

Porta Potti 12v Cassette Toilets C-400 Range

New modern design with easy access to holding tank now comes complete with wheels and a retractable handle. No flush tank. Connected to the main RV water supply. New rounded shape for easy cleaning. Parts are compatible with other Porta Potti cassette toilets. Weighs only 8.5kg.

Height when closed: 458mm
Height when open: 816mm
Width: 670mm
Depth: 400mm

LH holding tank AU$835.00 + postage
RH holding tank AU$853.00 + postage

vt shower tray - Allseasons Campervans

VT Shower Tray


670mm(w) 830mm(l) 55mm(d)

AU$255.00 + postage

Fiamma Awning - Allseasons Campervans

Fiamma F45ti Awning

Safe and easy to operate, silent operation and no noise when travelling. Easy to clean. Ideal choice of awning for all caravans, campervans and motorhomes. Polar white housing.

2.5m for AU$998.00 + postage
3.0m for AU$1,066.00 + postage
3.5m for AU$1,242.00 + postage
4.0m for AU$1,337.00 + postage

saturn antenna - Allseasons Campervans

Saturn Travellers Mate Antenna

Height when mounted on bracket: 235mm
Diameter: 145mm

Antenna: AU$275.00 + postage
Bracket: AU$60.00 + postage

aircommander air conditioning - Allseasons Campervans

Aircommand Ibis Air Conditioner

Provides both heating and cooling as well as filtered and dehumidified air. The refrigerative heat pump operation produces up to 40% more heat than element type units. Light weight with ultra low profile ensuring less drag when towing and greater clearance under a carport or garage.
The new state of the art plenum is packed full of user friendly features such as flip down electronic controls making it easy to set the various functions and easily removable return air filters allowing quick servicing of filters. Supplied with a slimline remote control which can be adjusted to your comfort level anywhere throughout the RV.

Heating capacity: 3.2kw
Cooling capacity: 3.2kw
Weight: 45kg
Dimensions: 220mm(h) 825mm(w) 1040mm(l)
Plenum: 65mm(h) 555mm(w) 535mm(l)

AU$1,820.00 + postage

power inlet - Allseasons Campervans

Power Inlet

15 amp 435VFS inlet connection complete with waterproof flap and sealing gasket.

AU$37.10 + postage

power outlet - Allseasons Campervans

Power Outlet

10 am 415VF 240v outlet complete with waterproof flap and sealing gasket.

AU$57.80 + postage

anderson plug 50 amp - Allseasons Campervans

Anderson Plug 50 AMP

Heavy duty connector suitable for 50amp. Two pole power connectors with single piece housings.

AU$23.60 + postage

double power outlet - Allseasons Campervans

Double Power Point Double Pole 25D

White. Shallow plate.

AU$62.50 + postage

12v strip light - Allseasons Campervans

12V Strip Light 30-LED 20AMP Silver/Grey with Switch

Easy wall or roof mount. Swivel capable.

AU$66.70 + postage

12v fluorescent light - Allseasons Campervans

12v 8W Fluorescent Light

8 watt fluorescent light complete with switch. Surface mounted.

400mm(l) 80mm(h) 30mm(d)

AU$29.60 + postage

flexible led light - Allseasons Campervans

Flexible LED Light with Switch

9 LEDs 0.5W

AU$66.05 + postage

Duoetto water heater - Allseasons Campervans

Duoetto 12v/240v Electric 10 Litre Water Heater

Compact size: 430mm x 220mm x 230mm
Rated Voltage:
– 12v 25 amps
– 240v 4.6 amps
Variable thermostat 30-75C on 240v and 12v
Durable outer case with service and inspection points
Stainless steel tank (304).
High density insulation.
Automatic Voltage detection switching from 12v to 240v.
Over temperature protection.
Run dry protection.
Combination pressure relief valve and non return valve.

AU$380.00 + postage

aqueous water heater - Allseasons Campervans

Aqueous 10 Litre Water Heater

Mini Electric 10 Litre water heater ideal for caravan shower
Size: 220, width 220, length 420
Weight: 4.4kg
Model: HCE-10
Rated capacity: 10 litre
Rated voltage: 240v Frequency 50Hz
Rated Current: 4.6A Load 1000 W Temperature is adjustable from 30 to 75 degrees
Max pressure: 0.7 Mpa
Waterproof: IPX4

AU$350 + postage

swivel base - Allseasons Campervans

Swivel Seat Mechanism

Prices start at AU$790 fitted.

remis roof hatch - Allseasons Campervans

Remis Roof Hatch – Skylight

Easy to fit small skylight with lightweight ABS plastic frame, double glazed acrylic window and decorative adjustable block out blind.

400mm x 400mm
AU$281.40 + postage

jenson roof vents - Allseasons Campervans

Jenson Roof Vents

White metal base with acrylic UV resistant lid. Radius corners and positive seal weather stripping which is leak resistant and water tight. Also available fitted with 12v fan.

355mm x 355mm
Roof hatch: AU$84.10 + postage
Roof vent: AU$141.75 + postage

polyplastic european windows - Allseasons Campervans

Polyplastic European Windows

700 x 300mm: AU$260 + postage.
700 x 450mm: AU$499 + postage.
900 X 350mm: AU$440 + postage.

Blinds: AU$150 + postage.

flojet pump

European Motorhome Door

1770mm x 650mm

AU$950 + postage.

flojet pump - Allseasons Campervans

Flojet 12v & 24v Auto Pump 12L/Minute

Delivers up to 12 litres/minute without need for an accumulator tank. Special internal bypass feature eliminates pulsating water and pressure switch chatter. Runs dry without harm to pump.

AU$189.00 + postage.

flojet pump - Allseasons Campervans

Flojet 12v Triplex 2.9GPM Pump

Self priming. Dry running. Very compact. Weighs 600grams. Complete with 3/8barbs. Delivers 4.3L/min.

AU$147.55 + postage.